Crossfit Hero: MURPH

Crossfit Hero: MURPH

Hey KVRA! Every crossfit worker on duty knows about the Crossfit Hero Wods. Today I'm going to talk about WOD Murph, who also received a tribute on a T-shirt here at KVRA.

A chat about WODs, and some curiosities about Murph. Let's go!

What are Crossfit WODs?

To start this conversation, let's start from the beginning: what are Cross's WODs?

Well, WOD is the abbreviation of “Work Out of the Day” (or “training of the day”). It's a set of movements that the trainer / coach goes through in training.

These are heavy workouts that will make you develop respiratory, cardiovascular and muscular resistance, flexibility, strength, power, balance and speed. No wonder we hear a lot in the box that "today's WOD is tight" haha

But beyond that, behind the Hero Wods is a very unique story. They are created and named after war heroes.

“For the honor of those who fought so that we can train in freedom” is the phrase that best describes the history of WODs.

Other than that, some WODs will definitely be the most challenging you'll ever do! And it is also the opportunity for every Crossfiter to dedicate their effort and dedication to those who gave their lives in defense of the freedom of their compatriots.

WOD Murph 

Speaking of heavy WOD and effort, he spoke of the “Hero Murph” WOD. It was created and named in honor to Marine Lieutenant Michael Murphy after he was killed on the battlefield on June 28, 2005, and first appeared on as WOD on August 18, 2005.

Now for the story: Murphy, and two other comrades in arms, participated in Operation Red Wing in Afghanistan, in Kunar Province.

They were fighting for their lives during a confrontation with the Taliban, and to save his team, he exposed himself to enemy fire by entering a clearing to place a satellite call to the rescue team.

After his effort to save his team, which resulted in his death, Mike was awarded the Medal of Honor by the US Congress.

No wonder it was also honored here at KVRA as one of the pieces that every crossfitter should have.

The Murph was one of Mike's favorite workouts, which before becoming a tribute, was called “Body Armor”.

1 mile + 100 pull-ups + 200 push-ups + 300 squats + 1 mile. Will you face it?

Hey, did you also feel the emotion of training? So take advantage and see how you can improve your resistance without dying in WOD, that Murph is pulled!

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