At KVRA, we are committed to your complete satisfaction. We proudly offer our customers an Unbreakable Happiness Guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind and confidence in our products. We stand behind the quality and durability of our items, and if for any reason you experience damage or breakage during intended use within 90 days of purchase, we will gladly accept returns and provide a resolution.

KVRA - Unbreakable Happiness Guarantee

Unbreakable Happiness Guarantee

At KVRA, we are committed to your complete satisfaction. We proudly offer our customers an Unbreakable Happiness Guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind and confidence in our products. We stand behind the quality and durability of our items, and if for any reason you experience damage or breakage during intended use within 90 days of purchase, we will gladly accept returns and provide a resolution.


Our Unbreakable Happiness Guarantee applies to all items purchased directly from within the past 90 days.

Intended Use:

The guarantee covers damage or breakage that occurs during the intended use of the product. We understand that accidents happen, and we want to ensure you can enjoy our products without worry.

Return Process:

To initiate a return under the Unbreakable Happiness Guarantee, please contact our customer support team ( within 90 days of your purchase. They will guide you through the return process and provide you with the necessary instructions.

Resolution Options:

Depending on the circumstances and availability, we offer the following resolution options:

  • Replacement: If the same product is available, we will gladly replace the damaged or broken item with a new one at no additional cost.
  • Refund: If a replacement is not available or preferred, we will issue a refund for the full purchase price of the item.

Return Shipping:

In most cases, we will provide a prepaid shipping label for the return. Simply follow the instructions provided by our customer support team to ship the item back to us securely.

Condition of Returned Items:

Please ensure that returned items are returned with any accompanying accessories.


The Unbreakable Happiness Guarantee does not cover damage or breakage resulting from misuse, intentional damage, or normal wear and tear. It is important to follow the care instructions provided with the product to maintain its integrity.

The difference between a 30-day return policy and happiness guaranteed

The 30-Day Return Policy is designed to accommodate customers who want to make changes based on personal preferences, size, color, etc., while the Unbreakable Happiness Guarantee provides coverage for any manufacturing defects or failures to meet our quality standards. We strive to ensure your utmost satisfaction, whether it's finding the perfect fit or receiving a product of exceptional quality. We are here to support you and provide the necessary solutions to make your shopping experience truly hassle-free.

At KVRA, we believe in making a positive impact through our commitment to ethical manufacturing, fair employment practices, and sustainability. Here are key points that define our Mission:

  • Ethical Manufacturing: We are dedicated to producing our products in facilities that adhere to strict ethical standards. From ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions to promoting diversity and inclusion, we prioritize the well-being of the individuals who make our products.

  • Local Support: We are proud to contribute to the local economy by promoting domestic manufacturing and supporting the textile workers and farmers in Brazil. By manufacturing our products locally, we help create job opportunities and foster economic growth in the region.

  • Sustainability: We strive to minimize our ecological footprint by using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and implementing sustainable production processes.

  • empowering individuals: to live active, confident lives. As part of our community engagement, we sponsor self-defense seminars, support local athletes from resource-lacking communities, and sponsor local fitness competitions. By promoting an active lifestyle and providing access to self-defense training, we aim to equip individuals with the skills and confidence to navigate today's challenging world. When you join the KVRA army, you join our mission to bring the key principles of BJJ and fitness to the world.

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What is KVRA?

We are a clothing, Martial arts, sports brand that was founded in São Paulo in 2013. The brand focuses on providing high-quality sportswear and accessories with unique designs.

What is the mission of KVRA?

The mission of KVRA is to develop, produce, and sell clothing and accessories that offer comfort, style, and performance for the diverse everyday needs of its customers.

Do you ship orders to the UK & EU? If so, how will orders be shipped?

Yes, we ship to the UK & EU. To get your order to you, we've partnered with Passport Shipping and they will be the Seller for all orders to the UK for orders under £135 and orders to the EU for orders €150 and Under.

Does KVRA offer returns or exchanges?

For customers in the U.S.: We offer a 30-day free return policy for all orders. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can return it within 30 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange. if you need to file a return or exchange click here: file a returns

For Customer outside of the U.S. 

At the moment, we are unable to offer a 30-day free return policy for orders outside of the U.S. However, if there is an issue with the product or any factory defect, we will still honor the exchange. Please note that the customer will be responsible for the cost of shipping the product back to us. if you need to file a return click here International Returns

How can I contact KVRA customer service? You can contact KVRA customer service by email (





Safe buy

KVRA   has a special commitment to you, our customer, regarding the security and privacy of your data . Respect for customers and the confidentiality of their information is very important to us. Therefore, you, KVRA customer, have the guarantee that your purchase is completely made in a safe environment.

KVRA   has a sophisticated software and firewall system that works together with several other actions to guarantee the security of all purchases made in our virtual store, regardless of the chosen payment method . All information you provide in the purchase process is fully encrypted.


All information that goes through our purchase process is automatically encoded by a proprietary encryption system. Thus, your personal data, the payment method chosen and any and all other information provided to  KVRA  will be kept in absolute secrecy.

Use of Cookies

KVRA   respects and cares about the privacy of your data . We know that they were given to us by you as a form of trust in our company. In order to facilitate your navigation in our virtual store, we install cookies on your computer.

  • What are Cookies and what are they used for?

They are alphanumeric identifiers that we transfer to your computer, in order to enable the recognition of your browser (program that allows you to access our page - for example Google Chrome) by our system. We may use cookies to identify you if you return to our website.

For example: You were browsing our online store, you chose your products and placed them in your shopping cart. Unfortunately your internet connection is down and you would like to make the purchase you had started. If we didn't save your cookies, you would have to go back to each product page and start the entire purchase process again. With the use of cookies, we store your shopping cart for a maximum period of 24 hours, facilitating your shopping experience.

Cookies do not contain personal information such as name, address, credit card number and other information considered confidential. Your information is only used by us for a few different purposes, such as facilitating the fulfillment of orders, data checking, sending communications, promotional materials and information.

In the process of purchasing any product, we will ask for your registration. Your personal data (name, address, city, zip code, among others) are necessary for us to identify you and finalize your order, in addition to guaranteeing the delivery of the product.

 Can I not use cookies?

Web browsers allow you to block or delete existing cookies on your computer. They can still let you know if a cookie is stored on your computer. This can be configured on your own computer and is a personal choice. If you choose to block cookies, it will not be possible to register or make purchases in our virtual store.

  • With whom is my data shared?

Your data may eventually be shared with KVRA approved partners so that communications or personalized offers are sent to you.

You may request the withdrawal of your registration from the KVRA database at any time . Just send an email to

The customer, when making a purchase on our website, declares that he is aware of all the rules of privacy, exchange, return, reversal, purchase and any other pertinent to the act of purchase. Rules are subject to change without notice.