5 best beaches in Brazil for those who love surfing

5 best beaches in Brazil for those who love surfing


Summer is about to give up on us, but we're not giving up on it!

This post is for surfers on duty, who love to venture onto the beaches in search of the best waves!

We made a selection of the five best beaches in Brazil for surfing.

  1. Maresias Beach - Litoral Norte (São Paulo)

The north coast of the state of São Paulo is home to numerous beaches for surfing. The best known of them is, without a doubt, the Maresias beach, is one of the best for the sport.

This beach is also internationally famous for being the home of Gabriel Medina, the first Brazilian surfing world champion.

It's no wonder that this surf beach usually receives illustrious visits from athletes. In Maresias you will find both more intense waves for experienced surfers and calmer ones for beginners.

In addition, it has a stunning look and is close to São Paulo.

  1. Itaúna Beach - Saquarema (Rio de Janeiro)

The city of Saquarema is considered the national capital of surfing because it has several options for surfing beaches. One of them is Itaúna beach, one of the best places to surf in the region!

Itaúna Beach was also the stage for one of the phases of the Surfing World Cup in 2017 and 2018. With waves of up to three meters, it has nicknames such as “Brazilian Surfing Capital”, “Temple of Surfing” and “Maracanã of Surfing”.

In other words, it's a surfer's paradise!

Take note, some peaks there are: Casarão, Garota de Itaúna, Point and Barrinha, for example.

  1. Boca da Barra – Itacaré (Bahia)

On the south coast of Bahia, the beach is ideal for visitors looking for a place to enjoy the sea during the Brazilian winter, when the waves are even more incredible.

Home to one of the stages of the World Surfing Championship (WSL), it is not recommended for beginners in the sport, as it has one of the longest waves in the country and a strong current, which requires a lot of skill.

  1. Itamambuca Beach - Ubatuba (São Paulo)

How about another beach in São Paulo on this list of the best beaches for surfing in Brazil? In Ubatuba, Itamambuca Beach is the representative of the region and usually hosts national and international competitions in the sport.

Well preserved, it is loved by surfers due to its constant waves. In other words, it's heaven for those who like to take the long rights that allow for sensational maneuvers.

5. Praia do Rosa – Imbituba (Santa Catarina)

Paradise, Praia do Rosa welcomes surfers who love to “fly over the waves”. Owner of blue waters and 2 km of coastline, it offers constant waves that vary from half a meter to three meters in height.

A favorite of many practitioners of the sport, the beach has two parts: Rosa Norte (quieter) and Rosa Sul (great for more radical maneuvers).

That is, it is suitable for all styles of travellers.

Very close from there are other places that are very conducive to giving a 360°: Praia da Ferrugem, Praia do Luz, Praia de Ibiraquera and Praia Vermelha.

Hey KVRAs, did you like it? Tell us which one of these you already knew and which one made you want to know more and parade with our pieces!

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