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In your first classes, you will find some of the jargon a little strange, but with hours of training, and with the help of this compilation, you will feel more confident. Talking shop on the mat. Let's start at the beginning!
Jiu Jitsu
It is a Japanese martial art and method of hand-to-hand combat used to defeat an armed and armored opponent.
Kimono/GI (Armor)
It is the traditional garment for practicing jiu jitsu. It is used in training and competition of various oriental martial arts. It consists of pants, a jacket, and a sash that shows the degree of improvement of the practitioner. Speaking of Kimono, we need to pause to talk about our armor, because ours is different from others!
KVRA Kimono
Our fabrics are more resistant. 100% cotton, required by the federations. The lapel is more resistant because it has a more structured EVA than others on the market. The modeling is Slim Fit, which adjusts more to the body, making the piece more beautiful and comfortable. Colored ones, like the SHIELD and Romans Kimono, don't rub off. The seam of the pants goes to the hem, creating a reinforcement preventing the pants from tearing easily. All Kimonos have custom inner linings. And they are within the rules of the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) and CBJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Confederation).
Abbreviation of “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu”.
It's a show of respect and it's a term taken very seriously within Jiu-Jitsu. We even use that term a lot here at KVRA!
There are several types of guards, but the concept is to use the legs to control the opponent's distance.
It is a blow that uses the legs with ankleknee or hip. There are some Multiple Variations.
(Entangled leg lock) the orginal Japanesse word for leg locks.
Mata Leão
Also known as hadaka jime (variation or kuzure) is a choke without the use of the gi, From the opponent's back. Also, known as a Rear Naked Choke.
Half Guard
It is a type of guard in which one leg of the opponent is trapped between the bottom player's two legs. There are some variations.
When the fighter who is playing guard (botton) manages to invert his position, staying to the top of his opponent, using techniques that use his legs (guard concept).
(Sankaku jime), is a choke in which the attacker places the opponent's neck and one arm between his legs. One of the signature moves of jiu jitsu.
It is about the practitioner who seeks to stop the fight and consequently the opponent, not seeking the objective of jiu jitsu, which is the submission.
Tighten, adjust the position.
Shoulder lock bjj, Kimura and Americana
Lock Submission that consists of seeking the submission of the opponent through a movement that puts pressure on the shoulder joint, which can be translational or rotational.

-Happy training 



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