People in kimonos training in the best BJJ Gi's


Jiu Jitsu is recommended for absolutely everyone, no matter their age or profession.

In addition to bringing many health benefits, the martial art was developed in Brazil and is considered the most effective in the world.

To learn your first moves it is important that you are properly equipped!

1 – Respect

The first tip is respect. Jiu-jitsu, more than sport, is a martial art that values ​​respect for the master, training colleagues and the hierarchy. Never disrespect someone during Jiu-Jitsu training. You can beat a bigger opponent, or better ranked than you, but always respect him.

2 – Physical preparation

Speaking specifically about training, it's good that your physical preparation is up to date. A jiu-jitsu training is usually long and intense. The warm-up is very strong, and focuses a lot on the aerobic part, with running around the mat and jumping jacks, for example. After all the warm-up comes the roll, which is when the two students face each other on the mat, applying the moves taught by the teacher.

3 – Food

Eat well before and after training, and prioritize healthy eating. A jiu-jitsu student burns, on average, 1000 calories per workout. Therefore, pre-workout nutrition is extremely important, so that you have the strength and willingness to withstand the intense pace. The ideal is to eat something an hour in advance. The post-workout diet is essential for muscle recovery, as the wear and tear is great.

4 – Kimono

The Kimono or Gi's  is the hallmark of jiu, even though the N0-GI championships are growing exponentially. Also used in other martial arts, it has some technical differences for its training. The use of this specific Jiu Jitsu uniform is mandatory in competitions and in most gyms! On our KVRA website you can find the ideal model for you! Our kimonos are super resistant, stylish and meet the IBJJF and CBJJF standards. 

5 – Patience

You are starting a brand new activity. The people who will train with you will be in more advanced stages, but your evolution will be gradual, and you will reach their level too. Take the opportunity to learn from the most experienced. Jiu-jitsu is a martial art that allows you to beat bigger and more experienced opponents, as long as you know the technique well. So watch carefully and pay attention to details. It will make all the difference.

6 – Dedication

If you want to develop your jiu-jitsu faster, train every day. Repeating the strokes you learn in training will make this move automatic for you. The more you repeat it in the roll, the more adapted you will be to it, and so, when you are in a situation where it is possible to apply this move to finish an opponent, you will do it more easily. Always remember: in Jiu-Jitsu, the technique is decisive in deciding who will win.

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