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How to Properly Wash and dry BJJ kimono (Full Gi Care guide)

Investing in a quality gi is a must for any jiu jitsu practitioner. At KVRA, we design our gis to last up to a decade, ensuring durability and performance on your martial arts journey. Discover how to make your kimono last for years with our expert care guide. From choosing the right weight to washing and drying techniques: 


1. Regular Washing for Optimal Hygiene

Hygiene is paramount in any martial art, and this starts with keeping your gi clean after every use. Washing your gi immediately after training helps prevent the spread of infections and bacteria. Aim to wash your gi separately from other laundry items and use cold water for the best results. Any regular detergent will suffice, making it convenient for you to maintain cleanliness.

2. Air Drying to Preserve Quality

After washing, opt for air drying your gi to preserve its quality and longevity. Hanging it up to dry allows the fabric to breathe and minimizes the risk of shrinking. While using the dryer on extra low settings might be an option in a pinch, it's best to avoid it to maintain the perfect fit of your gi.

3. Harnessing the Power of white vinegar for your BJJ GI

For maximum freshness, consider adding white vinegar to your laundry routine. By adding white vinegar to the bleach and softener compartments, you can effectively eliminate any lingering odors while allowing the detergent to clean more efficiently. The result is a gi that not only smells fresh but also maintains its cleanliness and performance.

4. How to properly shrink a GI: Handle with Care

While not recommended, if you must shrink your gi, follow these tips carefully. Wash it in warm water and use the lowest dryer setting. Always try it on after the lightest dryer cycle to gauge the fit. It's better to have a slightly big gi than one that's too small.


Maintaining proper hygiene and caring for your gi and belt are fundamental aspects of being a responsible jiu jitsu practitioner. By adhering to these expert tips, you can ensure your gear stays fresh, clean, and long-lasting throughout your martial arts journey. Embrace the path of cleanliness and longevity for your beloved gi and belt, and remember that a well-cared-for gi is a reliable companion on your jiu jitsu quest

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