Two men wearing BJJ Gi's made of the best fabric

What is the best BJJ Gi fabric?

The kimono is the main garment for practicing various types of martial arts, especially fighting styles with oriental influences. They are special clothes made exclusively for all friction at the time of combat and the impact of blows on the opponent.

For this reason, the fabric is an important item to pay attention to when choosing the best uniform for the fight.

In addition to all the pressure that the kimono suffers during the moment of combat, the quality of the fabric used to make it is essential to guarantee the durability of your clothing from the effects of sweat. Yes, body sweat is an important agent that influences the resistance of the gi.

What are the fabrics for kimono?

There are many types of kimono fabrics. The quality of the fabric is very important, because these are pieces of clothing that require a lot of sturdiness and durability, in order to actually withstand the brunt of a fight.

Not only thinking about the resistance of the fabric, choosing the best model is important to wear comfortably and ensure mobility when going to the mats.

The types of kimono fabrics vary depending on the material it is made from and the weight of the garment on the body. The material used in the garment varies from top to bottom.

Pants usually have another type of material on top, which has a more resistant material. That's because the top suffers much more wear due to contact during the fight.

Pants are usually made of twill, with a lighter weight and thinner, great for ensuring agility on the mats. In the case of the top part of the kimono, the fabric used is thicker and more resistant.

What is the best kimono fabric?

Many Jiu Jitsu practitioners have this doubt about the best fabric for kimono. However, there is no single answer to this question. The best choice depends on some factors, such as your physical size.

Right off the bat, we can say that the best choice is braided fabrics for Jiu Jitsu kimonos. Due to their construction with the interweaving of natural or synthetic fiber threads, kimonos achieve greater resistance and are difficult to wear.

The best ones are made either with a 100% cotton material or with some polyester composition. These materials guarantee an impressive quality for yours, you can trust.

Kimonos are divided into different grammage types. That is, there are several possibilities regarding different fabric thicknesses. This allows the kimono to wear more comfortably on the body. You can choose from light, medium or heavy grammage. These differences refer to the thickness of the fabric.

The best kimono for Jiu Jitsu?

To withstand all the pressure of fights and training, the ideal kimono must be resistant in specific regions, those parts where there is more contact and is more worn out due to friction. Areas such as the collar and shoulders deserve special reinforcement, especially in the seam.

After all, the idea is to accompany you for a long time, and for that it has to be very resistant, because of that, KVRA has the best kimono fabrics on the market, totally resistant and durable.

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